Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ed Snowden On The Power That Institutions Are Wielding Over Our Lives And What You Need To Do About It

 Ed Snowden warns about institutional powers and their uncaring about the masses.

This is important, wise and extremely insightful.




  1. I'm sure all the non-white trash that libertardians want to import really care about civil liberties, low taxes, and minimal government.

  2. "click OK to continue..." Snowden is correct this insidious form of coercion is destroying the idea of individual freedom of choice and is creating a surveillance state. Snowden revealed some of this and has been banished. Like Julian Assange, these truth tellers are being crushed by the tyrannical among us. I agree with his solution, that each of us has to take action on a local, personal level. But I don't hold much hope.