Friday, March 19, 2021

Dear World Leaders

Please ignore anything that the President of the United States might say, especially if it is provocative, such as calling you a killer or a human without a soul.

His mental abilities are deteriorating rapidly and he knows not what he says.

Please follow the lead of Russian President Vladimir Putin and simply challenge him to an immediate debate. This will cause him to disappear from public view for a few days or he might make believe he is very busy.

I trust, I hope, I pray that the military will ignore any orders he dishes out to attack you. 

Note: This hope might be dashed if you are Syria or Iran but Syria and Iran should still call to debate him.



  1. This time he is right! This KGB Vlad needs to go. He and his oligarchs are getting rich by stealing government budget and terrorizing all the neighboring countries! He is a killer! I know I am going to hear... but ...! Agree but it does not make The Vlad a saint! if you disagree you can move to Russia for permanent residence. I will see how long you are going to last there!

  2. I have family who live in Russia. They love Russia and they love Vlad. Methinks thou art a troll.

  3. I will take thoughtful diplomatic killer over a demented mindless one ... any day