Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Anti-Mask and Anti-New World Order Asian-American Rapper Name Checks Ron Paul

 Oh, this is good.

CAUTION: Justifiable crude words of anger:



(ht Martin Hill)


  1. For another video by an unhappy young person, look on YouTube for "LIL CLiMP - LOCKDOWN ft. Pierre XO" More justifiable crude words of anger. Oh, but don't watch it if you'll be put off by a masculine young man who wears makeup. BTW, he's American but lives in Prague.

    We've had several large demos in London this week because of the murder of a young woman, allegedly by a police officer. Look past your feelings about wokeness or whatever - as an older person, I hope that young people have had enough of this nonsense and will bust us all out of this prison.

  2. This is superb! My compliments!

  3. That's the Pholosopher. I used to follow her on Facebook back when I used that platform. She is awesome. She ran a "365 days of defensive gun use" theme where she would post a story every day for a year. She is dynamite.

  4. This is great. Finally attitude backed up by sanity

  5. This is the kind of mass non-compliance I have been talking about!! Hell yea