Friday, February 26, 2021

What Does Angela Merkel Really Know About the AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine That She is Not Saying?

Angela Merkel

Despite being called upon to "lead by example," German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will not take the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine because at 66 she is older than the upper age limit for it.

The German authorities have not approved the vaccine for people over 65.

"I am 66 years old and do not belong to the recommended group for AstraZeneca," Merkel said, after describing the vaccine as, put your coffee down, 'reliable, effective and safe' for others to take.  

Germany has over 1.4 million unused vaccine doses as apparently a lot more Germans than Merkel are not interested in being human guinea pigs to determine what the long-term consequences of the jab are.

Meanwhile, the 66-year old will keep the lockdown boot on the neck of German residents and has warned that her country could be caught in a third wave of Covid-19 if it lifts its lockdown too quickly.


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  1. Merkel's 66 by 7 months or so, as I read her birthday. She's a chemist by training. So you tell me what's she's doing...!

    She's also called for vaccine passports in the EU.

    Here's my bet. They'll, the EU, will quietly grandfather in the Sputnik V, the traditional, non-MRNA, inoculant, which she'll get on the q.t.....

    But only after she's destroyed Germany.