Saturday, February 27, 2021

Watch This Before It is Censored

Below: A brilliant global message on the COVID-19 vaccine: -RW

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  1. Notice how the media are lauding the new “miracle” one-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson which was just approved by the FDA. For the past several years all that has been mentioned about J&J by the media related to the multi-billion dollar verdict handed to them in the baby powder/ovarian cancer lawsuits.

    Not a peep about that now. We should just trust them with their vaccine and the FDA’s decision. Now begins a new public image for the company and billions more in profit to come. And this time, Johnson & Johnson won’t have to worry about those pesky lawsuits.

    I want to hear at least one talking head in the media question why anyone should trust this company given its recent track record, and given the speed this was rushed out.