Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Oh My, This is What Happens When You Hold an Unconventional View Favorable to Trump (Newsmax Edition)

Watch what Newsmax​ does to Mike Lindell, My Pillow CEO, during an interview when he wants to talk about election fraud.

Why don't they just ask him about his evidence and draw out whether he has any facts or not?
What an embarrassing old Soviet Pravada-style only the official one side of the story gets out.

Note, I have no idea if Lindell has any facts or not but I would like to hear a professional interviewer draw out what he thinks he has.




  1. It's because Dominion & Smartmatic already issued cease-and-desist and record retention letters to Eric Metaxas, Sidney Powell, and Newsmax, among other outfits and talking heads. I believe those letters went out a few days before Christmas.

    I take it that Bob Sellers believe he would be held liable for merely engaging with Mr. Lindell, while Ms. Childers either has dismissed that worry or it hadn't crosser her mind

  2. What a difference a month or so makes. Back in November and December, you couldn't STOP Newsmax from spewing opinions about the stolen Election. And now they've been brought to heel. (Not that I found Newsmax all that stimulating anyway, with pure subjectivity and editorializing all the time, but...).

  3. He's auditioning for a job with the big boys--MSNBC, CNN, etc.

  4. The CEO of Newsmax is a major Clinton Foundation donor.