Friday, February 12, 2021

Biden Encourages Mask-Wearing "Though the Next Year"

Biden says mask-wearing saves lives as if he knows.

As I have previously reported, even OSHA won't respond to me about the negative health consequences of wearing masks (SEE: Has OSHA Even Tested to Determine If Mask Wearing is Safe?).

Then there is the tiny problem that mask-wearing might increase the possibility of lung cancer (SEE: Does Mask Wearing Result in an Increased Potential for Lung Cancer?)

But Senile Joe acts as if he has all the answers, I warned you he is evil.

The Biden's controls and the rest of the left are going to play this dread risk fear up as much as they can to promote the idea that the government has scientific advice on everything that the masses should always follow. And if they don't die over the next year, they will think it is because they listened to Senile Joe.



  1. Ha, I knew it! The old man couldn't even wait until May 1st before his "100 days of masking" ended before saying what we all knew was coming: masking will continue indefinitely (i.e. forever).

  2. I thought that once Trump was defeated, the Corona Virus thing would be all over.

    1. I came here to say exactly this. But I tried to warn everyone who said so that it was wishful thinking at best and downright delusion at worst.

  3. It's so amusing to me how little humanity has evolved since the days of rain dances and human sacrifices. The high level design remains the same. It's just the way we dance and what we sacrifice that has changed.

    Are you afraid?

    Do this.

    It didn't work, you're not doing it hard enough.

    Still not working, you will have to give us something else.
    Ok, take anything you want, just make it stop, please!

    It still isn't working (... scans the crowd ...) because of that person.
    Ok, we'll get rid of him if that will make it stop!

    David B.

    1. That's a great observation, David. I'm glad you pointed it out.

  4. In Connecticut Gov. Lamont imposed an indoor mask mandate (in public spaces) in April. In August he expanded the mandate to include outdoor mask wearing if unable to socially distance. Since the outdoor mask mandate was imposed the number of Covid cases in Connecticut has increased by over 3500 percent. And no one notices...just wear the mask, to save grandma who lives in long term healthcare, which is where 75 percent of Covid deaths have occurred. What utter nonsense.

  5. There was more heavy breathing in that video clip than an X-rated movie. Does Biden's handlers have any idea how farcical old Joe looks?