Saturday, February 6, 2021

A Crazed Lefty Goes Through a Self-Imposed Maoist Struggle as He is Cancelled at the New York Times

Donald McNeil Jr., who was a science reporter at the Queer Black Lady, has been canceled.

He went out like the lefty wimp he is with an inability to stand-up against the mad crowd.

His below outgoing apology to fellow employees is self-explanatory and sad.

The woke crowd has claimed another victim. This time one who apparently has no sense of self-respect in front of the crazed crowd.

The Times itself explained how the cancellation went down, which must have resulted in a gleeful celebration by the woke crowd at the NYT:
[In a memo] on Friday afternoon, Dean Baquet, the paper’s executive editor, and Joe Kahn, the managing editor, informed the staff of the departures of Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science correspondent who reported on the coronavirus pandemic...

In their memo, Mr. Baquet and Mr. Kahn wrote that Mr. McNeil “has done much good reporting over four decades” but added “that this is the right next step.”

The statement was a turnabout from last week, when Mr. Baquet [who is black] sent a note to the staff defending his decision to give Mr. McNeil “another chance.”

“I authorized an investigation and concluded his remarks were offensive and that he showed extremely poor judgment,” Mr. Baquet wrote, “but that it did not appear to me that his intentions were hateful or malicious.”
Days after that note, a group of Times staff members sent a letter to the publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, that was critical of the paper’s stance on Mr. McNeil. “Despite The Times’s seeming commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said the letter, which was viewed by a Times reporter, “we have given a prominent platform — a critical beat covering a pandemic disproportionately affecting people of color — to someone who chose to use language that is offensive and unacceptable by any newsroom’s standards.”

Mr. Sulzberger, Mr. Baquet and Meredith Kopit Levien, the chief executive of The New York Times Company, replied to the group in a letter on Wednesday, saying: “We welcome this input. We appreciate the spirit in which it was offered and we largely agree with the message.”
So you see, context doesn't matter. One must never say anything negative about the black race or black individuals presumably even Idi Amin. The only exception being blacks who in some fashion go off approved woke positions.

The advance of the very dangerous woke crowd continues. These people are not playing.