Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What Aren't They Telling Us About COVID-19 Vaccines?


And this appears to be a frightening genuine vaccine reaction story:

Video 1: click here.

Here is video 2:


(ht Martin Hill)



  1. Eugenics/death by injections compliments of Bill Gates & co. If the shot doesn't kill you the Immune super priming will. Immune system goes into hyper drive.https://principia-scientific.com/professor-dolores-cahill-people-will-start-dying-after-covid-vaccine/?fbclid=IwAR0BxpcuzGAbdQ46uLASlKO-ndyiNFkWsw7rugOU3lWaJx5GDBJRT6x-iZA

  2. I wonder if anyone who practices intermittent hypoxia (e.g. wim hof method) has had any covid or vaccine complications. There is some scientific evidence that it helps reduce the inflammation associated with active immune response.

    David B.