Friday, January 8, 2021

Pence Receives Strange Coin After Certifying The Election

This is very strange.

Right after Pence certified the election, he received a mysterious coin in a handshake. It appears to be some type of challenge coin but it is a very unusual time to receive one.

Was he just welcomed into a new secret club after certifying the Biden as president electoral results?

See for yourself:

It is not clear who the person is that handed him the coin.




  1. I wonder if he plea bargained to avoid prosecution, or if he's going to switch parties? I can't imagine Democrats wanting anything to do with him just because he quit the GOP. After all, there were people calling for his impeachment as well should he take office.

    It's a shame that the protesters didn't just lock the doors to the Capitol from the outside and burn it down while Congress was in session.

  2. I just don't see this being of any significance. Pence had no legal authority whatsoever to contest the certified electors. His job was simply to preside over the count as leader of the Senate. Trump was simply making baseless claims that Pence had the power to overrule the certification in a last desperate attempt to hold on to power. As Rand Paul pointed out during the proceedings allowing Congress to overturn the certification of electors would've set an awful precedent that future Democrats would've exploited. Imagine if this happened back in 2017 with Democrat's arguing successfully against Trump because Clinton won the popular vote.

    1. Establishing the precedence of election fraud is better? It's better to establish the precedence that elections don't have to abide by state law which is in the Constitution? Hitlery no way had the popular vote. That election was a failed attempt to steal. This time they succeeded.

      Btw, the VP does have the Constitutional authority... "An analysis by two prominent law professors published before the election concluded that if Electoral College votes remain in dispute after they are counted in Congress, the vice president, as presiding officer of the joint session, could choose not to allow certain disputed votes."

      Unruh, Bob. Pence to Decide Race? Law Profs Say VP Allowed to 'Count' Electoral Votes. 22 Dec. 2020,

    2. The professors in the article are merely extrapolating based on the wording of the 12th amendment. the President of the Senate [i.e., the Vice President] shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates [of the electoral votes of the states] and the votes shall then be counted.' This is the part of the 12th amendment they use to justify their argument. There is nothing within the language that states that the sitting vice president can invalidate the electoral votes certified by individual states. The article itself does not state that because there are allegations of voter fraud that votes can be invalidated. The example they gave is the 1876 election, but that was due to multiple State's giving two different sets of electors and making the certification disputed. This is not the case with this election. There were over 50 litigation suits by Trump's legal team to challenge the vote count in battleground states and all of them failed. There is no ongoing litigation and once the states certified their votes on December 8th there was no dispute in these states as to the allocation of the electoral college votes. Now maybe this all was a grand steal and Trump's legal efforts fell through because the establishment wants him gone and will do anything possible to oust him. If that's the case then the powers that be not only have the power to conduct enough voter fraud to swing an entire election, but prevent any legal challenges from succeeding including cases being presided over by Trump appointed judges. So if that's the case then why would using any means through government actions lead to any result counter to what those rigging the process want. Either way Trump will not have any chance to retain the presidency.

    3. That is false only 2 of the litigation actually failed. There are still cases being litigated and as a matter of fact one of the case the court ruled that there was significant voter fraud. You should really do ALL of your research before you make claims as such.

  3. It's a big club, and you're not in it...

  4. Nancy pelosi gives him a friendly elbow at the end.

  5. Discount Judas. Treachery used to be 30 coins.

  6. This is sickening to watch, blatant bribery, betrayal and treason, still nothing is being done? My understanding is that this coin is worth a couple million dollars and is an elite pay off for the Deep state members. I would love to see a picture of the coin up close. It is definitely GOLD!!

  7. Who gave Pence the coin? I have looked but have not seen a name yet