Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Efforts in the Works to Recall Soros-Sponsored San Francisco District Attorney

Ok,  I have to set the scene first but make sure you get to the video. 

The heat is on San Francisco's District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

The Soros-sponsored DA, who appears close to holding the view that all criminals should run free, is on the hot seat as a result of an on parole robber, Troy McAlister, who stole a car earlier in the week, and on Sunday evening while driving the car was trying to make a getaway from a robbery when he ran into two women in a crosswalk and killed them.

The people of the city, those who are not part of the growing number of criminals, are fed up as the crime rate soars. A petition effort to launch a recall of Boudin has begun.

I mean, everyone is sick of this Soros stooge.

Check out this incredible interview of Boudin by ABC News anchor Dion Lim (6 minutes and 43 seconds). It is rare you are going to see such a to the point questioning of a government official. Watch Boudin squirm and attempt to misdirect.


Way to go, Dion!



  1. and what will hold him and the other DAs accountable? They are immune under the law because we let them.

  2. This post is very emotionally satisfying. But Boudin is an easy target in lefty SF. He is male and WHITE. Mayor Breed and her lockdowns has surely caused more death and destruction than Boudin could dream of. Admittedly, a repeat offender let loose to kill two ladies in a crosswalk is much more dramatic than the slow but widespread destruction caused by lockdowns. But has Dion gone after the mayor, a black woman for the mayors far more destructive lockdowns with at least the same energy?