Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Staggering Increase in the Number of Overdose Deaths in San Francisco

"More than 630 people died of overdoses in San Francisco from January to the end of November, a new record and a staggering increase from 441 in all of 2019...Overdoses killed more than three times as many people in San Francisco last year as COVID-19, and the drug epidemic shows no sign of slowing," reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

Bizarrely, the paper asks "What is happening?" but never mentions that overdoses are up nationwide.

It reports as though it is only a local problem rather than clear indications that increased overdoses are up around the country and linked to COVID lockdowns ordered by San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

These additional deaths must be put directly on the mayor who appears to have zero understanding of what the COVID statistics indicate about additional deaths and economic destruction because of the lockdowns and the lack of statistical support for the idea that lockdowns work.



  1. These lives are irrelevant to the COVID cultists.

  2. I believe mayors all of them, understand Covid-19 by now and know how the numbers are ginned up.
    Which in my mind makes them even more criminal.