Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 Madness Award Winner

I admit there has been extremely stiff competition this year but I am giving 2020 COVID-19 Madness Award to the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Michael Edelstein emails:

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has just declared that high school wrestlers can wrestle, but they can't shake hands.

We truly are living inside an insane asylum.



  1. Huh.

    Well, wouldn't the next logical step be to require hand amputation because they're apparently so deadly?

  2. You ever see the movie Spaceballs? It's real life now.

    David B.

  3. Can they still slap each other on their butts in celebration?

  4. In my local soccer game, some of the guys "wear" masks while playing, but they mostly hang around their chins so that they can breathe. Then at half time, and when they leave the game, they put their masks on. It's just virtue signaling.

  5. The mask is now a talisman and a part of the uniform of a burgeoning cult.