Monday, December 14, 2020

Recall Governor Newsom!

California Governor Newsom dining out at the French Laundry after telling California residents to stay at home and not gather.

The Associated Press reports that a recall effort appears to be gaining momentum against California Governor Gavin Newsom, fueled partly by outrage over the first-term Democrat dining with friends at an opulent restaurant while telling state residents to spurn social gatherings and stay home.

There is growing public angst over subsequent health orders that have shuttered schools and businesses and a massive unemployment benefits fraud scandal, while a public shaming continues for his ill-advised dinner at the French Laundry in Napa Valley, an establishment that features a white truffle and caviar dinner for $1,200 per person.

Recall organizers say they have collected more than half the nearly 1.5 million petition signatures needed to place the recall on the ballot, and they have until mid-March to hit the required threshold.

Randy Economy, a senior adviser to the recall effort, said there was a surge of several hundred thousand petition signatures after Newsom’s restaurant debacle last month. “It has resonated. It’s about the arrogance of power,” he said.

The prospect of a recall election is reviving memories of California’s 2003 recall, in which voters installed Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor after deposing the unpopular Democrat Gray Davis, notes AP.

Politicians should be taught a lesson that in America authoritarian leaders will be bounced out of often everywhere and every time.

This is how we take back America from the political power freaks.

Efforts through recalls, or via the next elections, should target all these freaks including NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, NJ Governor Phil Murphy, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Politicians need to fear the masses.

Libertarians involved in political activity should focus on this. Teach the politicians a lesson.



  1. download the petition here:

  2. According to a book about the daily life of the Aztecs, they had an alcoholic drink called pulque. If a public official of higher office or elite status was out drunk, he was executed. Too bad we don't have elites capable of enforcing standards among themselves.

  3. This is a waste of time and energy. It plays into the identity politics that has driven most political activity since the beginning of time. Throw out that evil Newsom or Breed or Cuomo and things will get better. Well they never do get better. These stars of tyranny are easy targets but there isn't one politician that isn't a thief and a liar. And those lessor known politicians will end up taking the vacated office to continue the tyranny. Davis was recalled because of anger over power blackouts and rising costs. Well now California suffers rolling blackouts and sky high costs because the government bureaucracy never released its grip. The people changed the tyrant but had no effect on the system that enslaves them. The power needs to be re-taken by each citizen from the government/bureaucracy. Each individual should choose who they will take advice from, who they will buy power from and who they will interact with. Free entry and exit into any business by anyone who is willing to try and attract a customer base. Eliminate all taxes so the existing bureaucracies are required to operate voluntarily. If they fail, the service will migrate to the next best voluntary operator. Move away from the power motive which incentivizes each individual in coercive political organizations and move toward the profit motive which incentivizes each individual in voluntary private organizations. it is the only way to hold people accountable for their actions. A movement like that is worth fighting for but a recall effort isn't worth the time of day.

    1. It really is like putting a Bandaid on a shotgun wound.

  4. Add Kate Brown (OR) to this list. OR tried unsuccessfully this summer, but hopefully all of this new lockdown/shutdown nonsense will stoke more people into action.

  5. It was tried in NJ, and more than enough signatures were obtained to put the recall on the ballot, BUT the people who submitted the petition application (with all of the required signatures) failed to indicate on the application (as required by law) whether they wanted the ballot question on a special election or normal (Nov. 3rd) election.... The state waited and then informed them, "application denied - you did not specify...." by then, it was too late to be placed on the Nov. 3rd ballot and since Murphy is up for re-election Nov. 2021, it is also too late for a special election before Nov. 2021.