Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Complete Breakdown of the Texas Lawsuit Headed to the Supreme Court On Election Regularities

As always this is great work by Viva Frei:


 Watch this and you will understand exactly what is going on.



  1. Wow. That was the best summation I have seen.
    This is more than interesting. At the same time, I have noticed the security on base has gone back to normal(I’m not in the military I live on private property which is only accessible, by road anyway, through the base), the pop up walls are gone from the roadways at least. Except for covid. We aren’t allowed to have any guest come to our house because the base won’t give them a pass for Covid spreading reasons, never mind the fact we can take a road that doesn’t go through any housing or barracks or structures even, I do live in Alaska, so we haven’t been able to have any friends over for about 6 months. Even for the holidays. Let’s not think about the fact that 3,000 people come on base every day from Fairbanks to work, and some 3,000 military folks and their families come off and on the base all day, my house and the couple neighbors who live back here can’t have friends over cause it’s a Covid risk for the base.
    I bring all this up because 2 weeks before the election, security on base got tight, real tight. They were preparing for trouble I assumed if Trump “won”. Now, those measures are mostly gone, even when a supposedly good case is before the SC that could overturn, supposedly, an election? I don’t think even the military is buying it. I also think it’s funny that the military is concerned and makes preparations for the left to lose, but is not concerned a bit about the right losing the election, despite the keyboard warriors who repeatedly proclaim their righteous anger and the need to rise up! We will never allow this to stand! Haha. Whatever.
    It’s all a joke and we all lose.
    Resolve to Serve No More

  2. did anyone download that video? It appears the "LINK IS BROKEN" it was an amazing description of what just went down.