Monday, November 9, 2020

What You Should Say to Anyone Who Mentions "Unity" To You

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

Don’t fall for it.  We’ve all observed for decades what Leftists mean by “unity.”  It means you are smeared, libeled, slandared, called a racist, sexist, homophobe, Nazi, fascist, fired from your job, or worse, for voicing opinions that they disagree with.  You lose your job, as some have, for saying all lives matter and not just black lives.  As a college student you must remain silent and never question the campus communist orthodoxy, or else your social life will be ruined and your grades will plummet.  If a conservtive or libertarian is hired by a university, he or she will be like a unicorn at the zoo for the rest of his or her career.  If a conservative or libertarian is invited to speak at a university by a student group (never  by faculty), there may be riots, setting fire to buildings, and physical assaults of the speaker and his sponsors.  Question the “climate change” agenda of abolishing the oil and gas industries, cars, airplanes, and cows, then you will be called a “denier,” a nutjob that is the equivalent of a Holocaust denier.  Show up at a political event sponsored by a conservative politician, and you may be beaten or even shot dead by the Left’s military wing, Antifa and Only Black Lives Matter.

What the American Left means by “unity,” in other words, is turning America into a twenty-first century Soviet Union without the smile.  Tell anyone who mentions the word “unity” to you in a political context to go to hell.



  1. I agree! Lots of derision out there. It's time to choose sides, and if it means severing some relationships, so be it. There is only one side that called the other deplorable, nazi, racist, and worse.

    No prominents Democrats have condemned the obnoxious comments of the economically stupid midget Robert Reich or Ms. Choppers who wants to round up Trump voters for re-education.

  2. 'Holocaust denier'. LOL. It's telling that questioning the Holocaust is a crime in much of Europe but drawing pictures of the prophet Muhammad is 'protected speech'.