Thursday, November 5, 2020

Trump Campaign Manager Briefing: Trump Has The Numbers to Win

 I just got off a conference call with Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien.

This is his take at this time:

  • Donald Trump is alive and well.
  • The Trump campaign is alive well.
  • He is 100% certain Trump will win Arizona.
  • He says Georgia and North Carolina are closer than they would like to see but Trump will win them.
  • He says the campaign has confidence that Trump will win Pennsylvania but could be as razor-thin as 5,000 votes.
  • He says Democrats are lying, cheating and stealing. He provided this number 888 630-1776 to report any election irregularities. 
Deputy campaign manager Justin Clark, also on the call, says the chaos around late votes and late tabulations was specifically planned out for some time by Democrats in an attempt to steal the election.



  1. What "late tabulations?" Are you serious? Votes are counted after the close of Election Day in every state in every election. In California officials will be counting votes for weeks until the final count is tabulated. I've been involved in initiative measures that weren't called for weeks after the election because the margins were so close and every vote had to be counted in order to declare a winner. The fact that you are re-posting these blatant attempts to incite, confuse, and mislead as a matter of feeding POTUS' autocratic tendencies is baffling.

    1. The Biden campaign has spoken...

    2. shouldn't libertarians cherish the opportunity of Biden President being stymied by a Republican Senate?

      When the business cycle corrects, we want socialism to be blamed -- not Trumpism (which ignorant people would call capitalism)

  2. Yeah, funny that all the problems are in Democratic states/strongholds. Funny that tens of thousands of ballots for Biden only, a statistical improbability to say the least.

    What's sickening is the entire media, even Fox news, is cheering for cheating.

    One of my Indian friends pointed out that India has about 800 million people voting and know the result the next day.

  3. In north korea, they have 100% voter participation and they are so good they know the result before the election starts. -LL