Sunday, November 15, 2020

Democrats Are Using a ‘Communist-Type Rhetoric’

 Candace Owens gets it right.

We are in the early stage of a Mao-style cultural revolution with the leaders of the revolution full of hate and who do not tolerate opposing views.




  1. If they walk like communists and talk like communists... nothing to see here. Democrats are just nice peoplr who are for everything good against everything bad, and their uncanny resemblance to genocidal cultists of 20th century is purely coincidental. Not.

  2. Interesting ex-insider perspective from ex-antifa member here-

    Between minutes 32'00" to 34'30" are especially interesting. He compares the different strategic concepts of Antifa vs BLM - i.e. "propaganda by the deed" (antifa/anarchist history) vs "the mass line" (BLM/maoism)

    Also between Minutes 36 and 38'30" he points out how the Dems/liberal media went from seeing antifa as 'good guys' to 'they don't exist' once antifa's violent tactics attracted negative public exposure.

  3. The only thing left for them to do after all this is to erase Republicans from all photographs from this era, effectively deleting them from history, just like Stalin did to his opponents.