Friday, November 6, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Issues Statement

Trump is nowhere near giving up.



  1. It took a month to resolve the 'hanging chads' issue in 2000.

    Too bad you libertardians sit around on the sidelines with 'muh principles' instead of doing something. It seems Jill was not of much consequence anyway.

    I grant you that Trump is no limited government civil libertarian, but at least he does not hate working people or despise America.

    1. Sitting on the sidelines is the one thing that lolbertarians excel at.

    2. It's the paranoid tin foil hat wearing types, often of the libertarian variety that have led the way in exposing the fraud of the voting system for at least two decades. The mainstream democrats and republicans have had no interest in doing anything about it. They still don't, because they control the system. Maybe Trump's people can use all that work to understand how vote fraud is done. It's there for them to utilize.

  2. Libs love to cheat. They can't compete by the rules and always blame others for their shortcomings in life. Just children.

  3. I notice that Progressives are as ungracious in winning in 2020 as they were in losing in 2016: I'm seeing the same energy and intensity in their unseemly mocking, insulting victory-huzzahs, as was channeled, in 2016 (and the ensuing 4 years), toward unbridled, rage-filled, delusional tantrums. They really are on a more primitive, child-like emotional and psychological level than other people. And just like children, they lack the imagination and focus to be forward-thinking, to see the long-term outcomes as well as the impact on people other than those they seek to help, with their destructive, socialist agendas. (They clearly have not read Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson").