Thursday, November 26, 2020

BREAKING: First Major Lawsuit Filed Relating to COVID-19 Lockdowns, Masks and Vaccines


This is great news out of Germany.

This is an important follow-up to my August 29, 2020 post, COMING: Class Action Suit Against Those Responsible For The Lockdowns.

The lawsuit referenced in the clip below is not a class action lawsuit but it is the first step in opening up the truth concerning the authoritarian measures taken by government officials over a virus, COVID-19, that is not a serious virus for more than 99% of the general population. 


(ht Mary Benjamin)

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  1. It sounds more like a waste of time than a "first step." Trying to prove what "fact checkers" knew or didn't know is impossible and unnecessary. Simply point to the incredible damage done by giving bureaucrats the power to declare public health emergencies. Then move to eliminate the Acts in each state constitution which confers the power. That would be a first step toward reducing the centralization of power.