Wednesday, October 21, 2020

SICK: Lockdowns Result in the Death of Four Newborns

Government officials with their blunt instrument lockdowns are now directly responsible for the death of four newborns in Australia.

No doubt this is only the tip of the iceberg of deaths caused globally as a result of lockdowns around the world.

The lockdowns are truly crimes against humanity. 



  1. Robert, I have no doubt that lockdowns have unnecessarily killed or injured people, but I need to see more information about what went on here before I accept it as reported. There has already been too much unsubstantiated child panic porn related to COVID. That being said, I found it fascinating that an Australian politician is using this story to lobby for local pediatric cardiac surgery services (stuff that is always better done in a few specialized regional centers) than condemn the lockdowns.

  2. These pencil-necked beaureaucrats are not the primary source of the problem. Their abdication of human-ness, nonetheless, perpetuates and applies the sins of those in control. The blood of four innocent human beings cries from the dust for vengeance.

    Fortunately, vengeance is not mine to give. I am grateful for that, for surely I would go way overboard.

  3. At the same time - the ABC news site - the Australian public broadcaster runs a "front page" story about "5 new coronavirus cases and no deaths" in the state of Victoria. News from ABC as well as the dominant Fairfax media chain is very "pro-lockdown". I am actually surprised the Fairfax owned Channel 9 network even reported these tragic government misengineered manslaughters of babies. Victoria would have been the neighbouring state that the South Australian babies usually would have been flown to. The state premier of Victoria will no doubt congratulate himself and his state government's draconian measures for their "success". No state government will of course accept responsibility for the deaths and destruction caused by their covid control measures - other than to label critics of same "grannykillers".