Sunday, October 25, 2020

In Defense of Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani being "interviewed" by  Maria Bakalova

I must come to the defense of the crony politician Rudy Giuliani.

He is being smeared by the crackpot leftist Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen is out with another of his sophomoric films where he sets up scenes that place people in awkward positions.

The main target in his latest film, Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, is Giuliani.

The left can't stop talking about Giuliani's sexual overtures that were allegedly made to someone he thought was a 15-year old.

This is a representative sample (4 minutes and 6 seconds):

First off, the actress playing the 15-year old journalist is Maria Bakalova. She is 24-years old and would never pass for underage.

 Maria Bakalova

And at no point is the claim made to Giuliani that she is 15 until the end of the scene when Cohen crashes into the hotel bedroom where Giuliani and Bakalova were together. Cohen is wearing an absurd pink bikini outfit and screaming about Bakalova being only 15. Not shown is that Giuliani immediately called hotel security and asked them to contact the police.

Now, that this occurred in a hotel bedroom may sound awkward but that is Cohen's specialty, creating awkward scenes. It was actually a hotel suite where Bakalova interviewed Giuliani in the living room and then she suggested that they go into the bedroom for a drink. This was no doubt with a full camera team around and no doubt the sense that the bedroom was just another part of the production operation.

Curiously, there is editing done of the bedroom scene so we don't get to see exactly how Giuliani ended up on his back on the bed. But it is clear, he is not unbuckling his belt or unzipping his zipper. He appears to be doing exactly what he says he was doing, tucking in his shirt after the microphone wire was removed.

There is also a picture floating around of Giuliani holding hands with Bakalova. I guess it could look compromising out of context but what is really going on is that Bakalova tells him that she is nervous to be interviewing such a famous man. He reaches out to calm her nerves and there is nothing sexual about the scene. He appears to just be being decent to a girl who claims to be nervous.

Cohen is a nasty piece of work who tends to target the right.

And then there is this interesting observation from Nassim Nicholas Taleb:



  1. If you don't laugh at this bit, you're an antisemite.

  2. Borat pulled that Infantile crap on Ron Paul. Pretended to interview him then dropped his pants in an attempt to “seduce” Ron.

  3. I love October surprises:
    Suprise you have Covid!
    Oh yea? Surprise, your kid rapes Chinese girls while smoking crack!
    Oh yea oh yea? Well surprise, your guy who says that was trying to do a 15 yr old!

    Man isn't politics grand...

    David B.

  4. I am always mystified that anyone finds Cohen funny.

  5. I could care less about Giuliani. I hope he burns one day like the 3,000 he was complicit in murdering on 9/11. If Satan gets stung by an evil trick, it's a net good AFAIC.

  6. There is a phenomena labelled "moral licensing". Empirical work has showed that "climate skeptics" often behave in "greener" ways than do true belivers. Many on the left seem to be believe that being opposed to racism, sexism etc gives them a "get out of jail free" card when engaging in same in day-to-day life. When doing the same to confront "conservatives" or other "non-believers" this sort of thing seems to be fair game. During recent BLM riots - it was commonplace for black police and national guard personnel to be subject to racist abuse by "anti-racism" protestors in ways that would generally be reported as unacceptable if directed to other government employees, say teachers, nurses, city administrative personnel etc.

  7. The Left is so heinous that they make you root for people like Trump and Giuliani.

  8. Viva Frei does a good break down of the video editing used in Cohen's "Borat" hit against Guiliani.
    As Frei says, the real scandal here is how the MSM have played along with Cohen on this one.