Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Black Privilege on the San Francisco BART System

 There has never been a time that I have entered the San Francisco BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system when I haven't see black urban primitives jump the turnstiles rather than pay the fare.

It happens all the time, right in front of the clerks isolated in their booths. All the time.

This is why I took notice yesterday when I made an infrequent trip on BART and a black voice, presumably that of the clerk, came over the intercom system as I was on the platform waiting for my train.

The voice said:

"Will the caucasian individual wearing blue jeans and a green shirt and who jumped the turnstiles, return to the upper level and buy a ticket."

Hey, what gives?

White riders matter!!



  1. Isn't it racist to even notice a Black person breaking the law?

  2. So did you go back to the upper level and get a ticket Robert?