Thursday, October 29, 2020

Alex Jones Episode of Joe Rogan Interview Disappears from Spotify

Episode 1555, the interview of  Alex Jones and comedian Tim Dillon on the Joe Rogan Experience, has disappeared from Spotify.

Spotify appears to have yielded to Social Justice Warrior pressure and pulled the episode.

During the interview, Rogan announced that Jones would appear with him again, along with Kyle Kulinski, for a live election day special.

So this is going to get even more interesting very fast and we will just see how Rogan deals with this.

My solution: I would put Jones on every episode until Spotify got the message.

And if Spotify can block that, then I would bring on the most boring guests possible.



I am receiving reports the episode is back on Spotify.


  1. What better way to stir up the SJW morons? Go Joe! And if Spotify wants to renege on the contract, I hope Joe sues their ass to oblivion and most of those SJW's will have no jobs.

  2. Never understood censors. If you think your opposition is so bad and stupid wouldn't you want them to be heard so you can point out how bad and stupid they are.