Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why The New York Times Trump Tax Documents Revelations Probably Helped Trump Pick Up Votes

 Lefties just don't get it and the latest evidence of this is the Queer Black Lady release of Trump tax documents with the headline: TRUMP’S TAXES SHOW CHRONIC LOSSES.

This has absolutely zero impact in Trump country. They know the Times hates Trump and will distort anything he does.

What they do in red states is look at Trump's class A trophy wife. The personal Boeing 757 he flew around in before he became president and the fact that he not only lives in Trump Tower but owns the damn building, not to mention the top golf courses he owns around the world.

What every guy in ever-expanding Trump country is thinking is that: If that is broke how to I get a piece of the action?

What red country sees in Trump is one of them who is very shrewd.

He's slick but his enemies are their enemies. 

The release probably helped Trump pick up a few votes especially amongst black voters since it signals you can beat the establishment.

He is the guy who knows the angles and can beat the elite their own game. It will expand Trump country because of it.

Trump should send the Times a thank you note for this one.



  1. If Trump legally paid little or no federal income taxes kudos to him. I don't want him to pay more; I want to pay less.

  2. Think how much financial resources they exhausted over what is in reality a big yawn. Of course, the the dumb shits who do not really pay any income tax and don't understand how taxing a business works will still be outraged.

    It's fun see Trump play the media like a violin. A retired accountant that's a relative put together a spreadsheet highlighting the differences in the tax code before Trump and after, so for the most part, most individuals and businesses got something out of it.