Wednesday, September 23, 2020

AOC-Backed Socialists Have a Plan to Take Over New York City

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic socialist brigade wants to turn New York City far-left — from the ground up, reports the New York Post.

The Democratic Socialists of America-NYC is pushing to put up or back a slate of City Council candidates who, if elected, would create a “socialist caucus.”

The overwhelmingly Democratic council is vulnerable next year to the left-of-left push with 35 out of 51 council seats up for grabs due to term limits. Only 16 council members can run for re-election.

The strategy is detailed in a 13-page “tasks and perspectives” strategic planning document that will be reviewed by DSA members this week.

A litmus test for candidates to obtain the DSA endorsement is a pledge to “defund” the NYPD — slashing the police budget by $3 billion or 50 percent.

The DSA also push the state Legislature to tax the rich to help fund the Green New Deal and New York Health Act, legislation that would create a government-run, single-payer health insurance system.

They want to use the COVID-related housing crisis to “cancel” rent, thus squeezing landlords of revenue and forcing them to give up their properties and “exit the market” — and have the state acquire the properties and convert them to public housing.

The overall plan should be called "Bring the Venezuela Experience to NYC."

These people are mad. Are there really that many New Yorkers who would vote for them?

Do New Yorkers realize that taking and taking from the productive class destroys production?



  1. I'm not sure it's that lots of New Yorkers support worthless idiots like her or Warren Wilhelm Jr, it's just that enough of the few people who bother voting elect them.

    1. Voting is meaningless as long as most people comply with politicians' destructive rules and regulations. Civil disobedience by the public is essential. Gov. Newsum just reaffirmed his commitment to banning the sale of gas vehicles in California by 2035. His policies are destroying California's economy right before his eyes and yet he continues. And the public thoughtlessly obeys!! I believe this is what Altucher meant by writing that NYC is dead. Too many of its citizens are dead from the neck up!

    2. Yeah, I wish that on top of not voting for these any of these jackasses they also refuse to obey their orders. If enough people didn't comply, these clowns are powerless. Best example was when Santa Cruz tyrants wanted to shut down the beaches, but they didn't even bother because they knew too many people wouldn't listen. Similarly if every bar and indoor restaurant in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles just said "Screw you" and opened up, what could these useless morons Newsom or Garcetti do about it?

      I hope everywhere strict lockdowns were imposed see mass exoduses (this is for sure happening in Manhattan) and that South Dakota's population explodes. I might even move there someday. If you can manage to find a place where these overlords largely leave you alone and you're surrounded by people who want to be left alone, move there.

  2. Damn shame we can't physically remove these people from society.

  3. Give Federalism a chance! Let's all watch these S***tholes implode like the "Laboratories of democracy" they're supposed to be. BYO popcorn!
    Of course, if the left take over the Federal thingy, they'll bail these bastards out, of course.
    I love the old Daily News headline when NYC asked the Ford administration for a bailout.
    "Ford to NYC: "Drop Dead""

  4. Not the other parts of the platform but, as an anarcho-capitalist, i can get behind slashing the police budget by 50%. Unfortunately, too many libertaraians suddenly become defenders of government when the wrong people want to hurt it..

    1. They won’t cut the spending, they’ll just allocate it to some other monstrosity.