Sunday, August 23, 2020

YouTube Censors JP

You knew it was going to happen.

The brilliant, tell it like it is, comedian JP reports that he was recently censored by YouTube.

 In the discussion below, he discusses with  Brian Rose of London Real Woke Valley censorship.

The video is informative, insightful and at times deep.



  1. I watched this earlier today. Pretty cool, it’s been obvious JP is a thinker even with his silly videos.
    I did not know he had a podcast, which I just subscribed too as well.
    Rose’s interviews with Icke have been awesome.

    One thing that has to concern all of us, is the censoring of information on social media platforms. They have an agenda, and will not allow counter arguments to question that agenda.
    Of course, people like to blame Facebook, YouTube and twitter, but it’s the State that is behind it all.

    1. I found out about London Real and Brian Rose just before youtube banned David Icke. I will have to check out the JP interview as well. The Dr Kaufman interview with Brian Rose is probably the best, but I don't know if they fixed the audio.

  2. This has been one of the best videos I have seen on the Covid-et-al

  3. "There oughta be a law!" How can that be the solution? This is a great discussion and it does go deep but left me frustrated. Brian Rose's action to sue existing platforms over their restrictive policies is as wrong as suing the NYT or the WSJ or Target Liberty or JP for their respective policies. And Rose's "public utility" argument is a purely statist excuse to crush competition. We don't need new laws to define some sort of digital "free speech" we need fewer laws, less coercive/government interference. Rose's new digital freedom platform is moving in the right direction but is still distributed over a public utility that is subject to government interference. True freedom is when you can do what you want as long as you are not coercing anyone else. Rose and JP have a way to go to understand that achieving the justice of freedom requires the absence of government coercion.

  4. So Censors JP ... How can we call this a free speech issue when it is on a private platform ? Isn't freedom of speech supposed to be from the government and not a corporation ?

    1. The next step is to realize that Google has became a quasi-governmental organization when they became a de-facto controlled monopoly and an appendix of the NSA.