Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Importance of Resistance to Government Ordered Mask-Wearing

The United States was once thought of as the country with rugged individuals.

You left such individuals alone and they left you alone. The country was filled with such men and women.

They appear to be mostly gone from America now.

Stunningly few think or act for themselves.

Governments in many parts of the land have ordered mask-wearing to "battle" a virus that is about as deadly to the average American under 80 as hay fever.

The mask-wearing order has resulted in near 100% compliance in such areas as California.

It is a sign of cowering submission to the state. With an added bonus of neighbors, and other busybodies, backing up the state orders with rants and rages for the few of us who do not wear masks.

We are the Resistance. There does not appear to be many of us but it is important that, when we can, we signal to the world our defiance of this tyranny. The ember for freedom must not be allowed to die out. Let the state rest uneasy knowing there are at least a few of us and that we will agitate and they don't know when that agitation could blow up into thousands, maybe more.

Given the level of oppression, it is obvious we can't go into full resistance mode everywhere we go but we should resist to the degree we can unless it gets us into serious trouble.

But if it only causes trouble for them (some agent of the state or self-appointed agent of the state), then go for it. I am currently agitating a retail chain where the company, headquartered in Dallas, has admitted that their approach by local employees to me about a mask was "less than optimal" and that the chain will launch new training for all employees. Agitation success! (I am still in the agitation process with this chain so I will reveal more later).

But aside from these agitations which are unlikely to mean a lot given that we are way outnumbered, there is another very important reason to resist and agitate.

The mask-wearing edicts are a relatively minor burden for those of us who aren't required to wear masks all day, but we don't know what is coming down the road in terms of future tyranny. It is very important to learn now how to deal with different situations for the future when the stakes might be much higher.

The resistance to masks is a dry run for us.

We are learning who reacts to us and how easy or difficult it is to get what we want.

For some, it is only a couple of words that back them away, "I have a medical condition."

For others, they will go into a near panic attack if we rebuff their demand to put on a mask and some will just be obnoxiously difficult because they have a tiny bit of power.

I have held for a very long-time the view that in sales there is a response for every objection.

The same should apply to the mask edicts.

At times, I have thought for a very long-time about the right approach to different situations. Usually, something eventually comes to me. (I could tell you stories).

Right now, I am thinking about responses that can work against raving lunatics, difficult employees in stores, etc. I have some thoughts and will try them out and report back.

But these resistance exercises are not so much for the current mask order but what might come next. We will all need to be ready, but few will be.

A couple of observations: As I test and probe what happens in different situations, I have noticed this. While riding in my office elevator, I have occasionally been on with lawyers who are heavily masked. I don't know them personally, but they are dressed like lawyers and get off on floors which house law offices. Anyway, they sometimes do seem agitated that I don't have a mask on, judging by the way they stand, body language and such. But the lawyers never challenge me, I am not sure why exactly, because plenty of others do, but I suspect they know the legal consequences of challenging someone.

This is just an observation. It may never come in handy but then again someday it may come in very handy.

Here's another observation. This Sunday, I had brunch in the North Beach section of San Francisco.

Most of the restaurants are open for outside dining so I didn't come close to wearing a mask.

After the meal, the waiter brought over the check, and I gave him my debit card to pay with. He then came back to me and said that I had to go inside to enter my pin in the machine.

I knew this was going to be fun.

Toward the back of the restaurant was either the owner (or maybe manager), he told me I couldn't come in the restaurant without a mask. I told him I didn't have one.

This confused him for a minute and then he said, "I need your pin for the card. What is your pin?"

My response, "I am not going to give you my pin."

His response: "There is no risk. I can't use the pin without your card."

My response: "You think there is no risk for me from giving out my pin, I don't think there is any risk of me catching COVID from coming into an empty restaurant."

He tried a couple more times, but I had the upper hand. He let me in without the mask to enter the pin.

Lesson learned: It is the age-old law. Always try to position so you get what you want done first and then you can negotiate everything else on your terms.

If you wonder how bad things can get, listen to this excellent Jordan Peterson clip:

Practice resistance, practice dealing with mini-agents of the state as they try to oppress. Some day what you learn could be very valuable for a decent life or even your survival.



  1. And move to where people are such freaks. This is great Bob, and much more discussion needs to be had, and more things need to be tried. And more people who are fed up need to be encouraged by folks who aren’t afraid to stand up against the tyranny.

  2. Great observations and advice (and the Peterson clip is a real keeper!).
    Yes, civil disobedience at all stages---especially at the beginning of our intended subjugation---is paramount.
    The State just might currently be engaged in a dry-run as a precursor to "bigger projects" in the works, and the anti-herd-immunity crowd's unthinking obedience and compliance to and with the State is evidence that the experiment is working. Resist! Be a rugged individualist, at all levels!

  3. When entering a store and they say I need a mask, I ask if they allow exceptions. So far I have only heard. Yes, please come in. If they say no and are mean, I would say, by not allowing exemptions, you are discriminating against disabled people. If they are nice, I ask them pass the message on to their boss. And BTW that comes with a $75000 fine per accurace.

  4. Carlin's answer is good, but I would say "There is no 'I' in sheep".

  5. Being prepared for confrontation is necessary if you are not going to mask up. I refuse to wear a mask. I will not use any “exemption” unless it is absolutely necessary. At this point the only necessary I see for masking is groceries – food is a necessity but restaurants are not.

    I have walked out of a restaurant and a grocery store due to their mask policies. There is still competition in the market and mask policies are now part of it.

    I also try to avoid the masking “science.” I might point out the ignorance of masking Mussolini’s but the better argument is the danger of C-19 to all but the unhealthy is miniscule. Even the indoctrinated and the medical gods at the CDC and the WHO agree on this.

    I also believe it is best not to get in an argument. There are exceptions but most people are not interested in the truth but in holding up what they believe. Last week when I would not mask up at a grocery store I ended the exchange with the store employee with, “I forgive you.” The person had no response but we should be ready for the ones that do respond.

    I forgive you for you transgressions against humanity.

  6. I live in one of the worst mask city and counties in California and I am the only one without a mask on at the stores. The employees are usually not a problem. and like one of the commenters above, I use the medical exemption for supermarkets that are obnoxious with security out front.

    Customers tend to be worse, mostly eyeballs and dirty looks. Haven't had anyone scream at me yet - I'm big, shady looking and a former college football player - but I respond in kind. If they are nasty, I hit back hard, telling them in loud and menacing voice to 'shut up. you think that useless mask is going to protect you, you brainwashed coward" while I am coming at them physically. They run away fast. If an elderly lady or someone trying to be polite, I respond with something like "no thanks, I haven't read any compelling evidence that they work, more harm than good" or just a simple "why?" and they are caught off guard.

    This is an interesting topic. Looking forward to reading the author's follow-up article on ways to respond.

  7. I just thought of something. If you want to stick it to one of the maskers giving you a hard time, ask them if they wore the mask during flu season, which kills way more kids than Covid, and call them 'child killers' for not doing so.

    A more conventional response is to ask them if they drove their car to the store, which is much more dangerous than Covid. Why are they trying to kill pedestrians and bicyclists with their vehicles?

  8. I won't wear a mask but I pay income taxes a buy a driver's license because deep down I'm just another run-of-the-mill pussy.

  9. More comebacks (depending on attitude of "Karen" or your own mood):

    "I don't care about others!"

    "yeah, I read an article that said..."

    "why don't you mind your own business and leave me alone"

    "Why are you wearing a mask?"

    "Okay, Karen"

  10. We are doing a full court press against masks at SPROUTS (help us even if you don't have one so it will be a precedent for the other stores to follow):