Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Black GOP Female Who Released a Video That Outdid Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

On Facebook, Michelle Obama, despite being promoted by the traditional media giants, couldn't scratch the virality of Kimberly Klacik and the new media outlets who pushed her, reports Ballingall.

Even on Twitter, Klacik has 25% more views than Michelle Obama.

Klacik is running for the seat of late Congressman Elijah Cummings in Maryland’s ninth district, and argues that Democratic policies and leadership have destroyed cities where black people reside, including Baltimore.

Here is one version of the ad:

I am not sure exactly where she stands on issues but this could be the conservative answer to AOC, at least it is doubtful she is a social justice warrior. Doing more research.



  1. Sad that conditions have so deteriorated. But politics is more of an effect than a cause. No politician can make conditions better, only the people living there can do that.

  2. "Name a blue city where black people's lives have gotten better. Try. I'll wait."

    1. But if a white persons says that, he 'da rasis'. There are no successful black run cities in America just as there are no successful black run countries.

      At least she looks good, so that's a start. Most of the women on the left should be wearing a burka anyway.

    2. It's their politics that make them failures at governing, not their skin tone or race.