Monday, August 10, 2020

So This is What the Bastards Have Planned for Us This Winter

Apparently, COVID-19 won't be that big a threat this winter so the power freak bastards are beginning to roll out the idea that the mix of only low-level COVID-19 infections and the flu is going to require the power freaks to mess with our lives.

Power freak insider Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, writes in The Wall Street Journal:
Covid is likely to persist once its pandemic phase has passed and circulate each winter alongside the flu. Even after more of us contract coronavirus infection and develop immunity to it or even after an effective vaccine arrives, some people will still get very sick.

America tolerates a heavy toll from the flu on health and productivity. But if Covid becomes a twin risk, the heath-care system will struggle to fight both at once. Limiting Covid’s impact requires us to think differently about confronting respiratory pathogens in the winter.

Immunity developed to Covid, either through infection or eventually a vaccine, is unlikely to last longer than six to 12 months in most people. Reducing Covid risks starts with encouraging more people to get vaccinated for both flu and Covid-19. Only about 40% of Americans get a flu shot each year; ideally that number would be closer to 70%. Special focus should be on adults 18 to 49, as vaccination rates among that demographic have been around 30%.

Hand sanitizer and washing stations will be common in schools and offices. Masking in public will be more socially acceptable and even encouraged. Diagnostic tests that can quickly and accurately differentiate between Covid and flu must be routine, accessible and cheap.

Businesses will have to take a much more active role in making sure employees are screened for symptoms...

The productivity hit will spur employers to make offices more resistant to outbreaks of respiratory infection...

Many current steps to reduce the Covid risk are temporary actions to deal with an acute pandemic. Over time, with more immunity and a vaccine, the novel coronavirus will become a more manageable risk. But no one should think the threat will simply disappear.
Read the highlighted section again. They are setting up for businesses to demand employees get Bill Gates' vaccines.



  1. No one should think the threat [of medical marshal law] will simply disappear.

  2. The economic crash, suicide and vaccine death will be whats remembered in the future. They are defining a line in the sand for a large portion of the populace (like myself) who will say no to the vaccine death!

  3. I was reading on that there is some speculation that those who got the 'flu shot became more susceptible to COVID...

    1. Never had a flu shot and was exposed to Covid and had a fever for a few days WITH compromised health issues. Its an interesting speculation.

  4. Just took an interesting road trip with the upstate NY and Vermont.
    EVERYONE was masked, even alone in cars or walking in the woods. I was just about the only unmasked one where ever I went.
    Booked a hotel ($$$) in Vermont, but when I got there was told that we couldn't stay because...COVID! (we were from NY, you see). I see that Expedia has charged me for that room anyway, so please boycott Expedia if you will. Thanks.
    So, anyway, whenever I saw a person out in the open with a mask on, I would involuntarily roll my eyes. By the end of the day, I noticed my eyes literally ACHED from rolling. True.

    1. Ooops... Pass the crow over here. The GF got on the phone with Expedia and they said:"We never charged that account".
      A careful review of my statement confirmed that fact. So... USE EXPEDIA!! They're okey doke. Sorry...

  5. This covid pandemic shows us a glimpse how universal healthcare would be in the US. I'd probably be physically assaulted if I bought a Twinkie.