Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Dr. Ben Tapper Addressing Omaha City Council On Mask Mandate

This is a great commentary not only on mask-wearing but liberty and medical freedom.

(2 minutes and 39 seconds)




  1. Great video, thanks.

    We should be avoiding GooTube as much as possible. I like the way GooTube functions in some ways better than the alternatives but they are filtering content and banning free speech and freedom in general. We should be supporting alternatives and deigning GooTube and their advertisers our business.

    This and many videos are available here:

    1. Good idea. I was monetized on Youtube for many years then they claimed that I had 3rd party content (I had some Fr Coughlin videos from the 1920s, but they were never monetized.) I removed them & They still claim i have 3rd party content even though i have not one second of it! Very dishonest company & actually in breach of contract.