Saturday, August 1, 2020

COVID Fearing Toronto Dude Flips Out Over Customer Not Wearing a Mask

This is only a hair more bizarre than my experience.

These people are triggered at a visceral level.

As Gerd Gigerenzer points out in Risk Savvy, there is no way you are going to be able to reason with them.



  1. Lol. It's like the scene in Batman. The one with Liam Neeson whatever his name is... the first Christian Bale one... where they free all the insane asylum inmate to add to the frenzy and panic.

    Thats what covid hysteria has created.


  2. Idiot did not cover his nose and Morse either

  3. No one his age with a good immune system is going to get sick in the summer from this virus. Toronto has had lots of heat and lots of sun for weeks. Michigan and southern Ontario are almost in drought conditions it's been so sunny and cloudless the last two months.

  4. It was "abnormally dry" in southern Ontario at the end of June. It's been hotter and drier ever since. That nitwit needs to get out of the city and get some sun.

  5. Gullible frightened idiots are going to idiot, LOL.

    Now, the cure for that is a good knuckle sandwich. Methinks westerners got way too pussified, it's time to remember what being a man is about.

  6. Beyond covid there is a weird record everything mentality emerging. That crazy man is throwing a tantrum, destroying property and actually recording it himself. Bizarre.

  7. Maybe he thought he was at a BLM rally.