Sunday, July 19, 2020

This Would Be the Most Dangerous Thing About a Biden Victory in November

Alexi McCammond writes at Axios:
As Joe Biden rolls out new policy details and speeches around his major campaign platforms, the hand of one primary-rival-turned-VP-contender is increasingly visible: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Why it matters: If Biden wins in November, it's clear that Warren will significantly shape his approach — on domestic policy in particular — whether or not her name's on the ticket.

  • Her influence helps explain why Warren is still seen as a strong potential pick in a year when being 71 and white probably works against her.
  • Biden is expected to announce his running mate in early August from an all-female shortlist of candidates.

Driving the news: The climate plan Biden touted in a speech this week includes an expedited target date for 100% clean electricity on a timetable favored by Warren and another former contender, Jay Inslee, as Reuters noted.
  • Several elements of Biden's economic recovery plan released last week were directly influenced by Warren and her team, three people familiar with the discussions told Axios and Biden campaign officials confirmed.

 The big picture: Biden has so far publicly adopted at least six policy stances shaped by Warren and her team.

  • On March 14, Biden endorsed Warren's bankruptcy proposal, which includes a student debt relief portion.
  • About a week later he tweeted about increasing Social Security checks by $200 per month and forgiving a minimum of $10,000 per person in federal student loans — two of Warren's plans.
  • For his "Build Back Better" economic recovery plan, three sources familiar told Axios that the Biden and Warren teams consulted closely together on this plan and many of Warren’s ideas are reflected in it.
  • Specifically, the procurement investment and a focus on green manufacturing were derived from two of Warren’s plans she unveiled during the primary.
  • "Biden’s recent bold moves seem less like a political hat tip to progressives and more like he’s genuinely aiming to meet this moment and smartly consulting with people like Elizabeth Warren as he comes up with big plans for this moment," said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which endorsed Warren in the primary.
Warren appears more driven by power and central planning than crony deals. I would much rather have a crony as president who was interested in cutting deals that benefit himself than a Warren somewhere in the background (or foreground) driving interventionist policies across the board.

Warren influence on a Biden administration would be very bad. Warren as vice-president would probably be the worst thing to happen to America since FDR, maybe worse.



  1. At least for now, while DC still pretends that legislation must come from Congress, the better bulwark against some of the more socialist, domestic measures is the GOP holding the Senate, not who is in the White House. Not much to depend on, I know, but it's slightly better than nothing, sometimes.

  2. I still don't believe Biden will win. Maybe I am delusional. I see the silent majority has gotten even more silent. No one has any idea how much Trump support is out there.

  3. What difference does it make. The entire system is a complete mess...from both sides. Trump is running INSANE budgets. All the wars he promised to ned - he did not end. And he is MASSIVELY encouraging/daring the Fed to do more and more. The economy - even before COVID-19 - is a COMPLETE mess.
    And what if Biden wins and goes all socialist? It will collapse the economy/government just that much faster.
    And that is ALL Americans can look forward to now...waiting for the inevitable, debt bubble collapse and then hope that common sense can prevail after it does.
    Worrying about Biden going too far left when the Reps are doing no better is pointless.
    The collapse is inevitable.
    Might as well sit back and get ready for it...because almost nothing can stop it now.

  4. I am curious about what is the better of two terrible options this time around. Even though I had a visceral preference for Trump as compared to Hillary, I think time has proved Wenzel correct, and extremely prescient, in that Trump's election has proved worse for liberty than hers ever could have been.
    That said, I am curious what Wenzel's preference will be for this election. Strictly speaking, if it comes to just Trump v Biden, I think a similar recommendation will hold, in that a cronyist like Biden is preferable for taking wind out of the sails of the socialist ascendancy we're seeing. But the problem I'm increasingly imagining is that Biden is just a placeholder for the VP he chooses, and she will probably replace him inside of the first term, if not the first year. So, what are the preferences when it comes to Trump v Warren, Trump v Harris, Trump v ???