Sunday, July 12, 2020

Mob Viciously Attacks Driver

And watch this from NYC:
Things are getting really out of control.

It is time to re-read this: It Is Time to Buy a Gun



  1. I was just awed by the man’s eloquence, the breadth of his vocabulary, stunning. It took me to Shakespearian heights!

  2. It isn't like this everywhere. I live in Clay Co Florida and the Sheriff has publicly put scum like this on notice that if they try this here, if the department sees they don't have enough personnel to take care of it, he will deputize enough gun owners to counter this evil as needed. They won't dare try it.

  3. They don't seem at all concerned with "social-distancing mandates." Sort of like mass shooters who don't respect "gun-free zones." Gosh, perhaps some government programs don't work.