Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Are Trump and Biden the Same?

Joe Biden
Some of the comments made at the post, Trump vs. Biden: What is Best for Libertarianism?, cause me to continue with the topic.

Eric writes:
Please forgive me for being skeptical.
Based on the lefty commentary, Bernie Sanders was the only one who ever seemed to believe in their preposterous dreams, but even he has turned out to be a weak disappointment to them. 
When Warren was out of the race, she decided not to endorse Bernie Sanders after his critical loss in South Carolina. All of the lefties hate her for this.
 First off, this commenter appears to have no understanding as to who is advising Joe Biden.
They are staying in the shadows for a very good reason and they are very bad people.

As I wrote about them in the post at EPJ, Just Who the Hell is Running Joe Biden's Brain?:
As Joe Biden picks up steam in the presidential campaign, it makes sense to look at which economists are advising him. One problem. It's a secret.

The New York Times reports (my highlights:
Few aspects of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s presidential campaign are shrouded in as much secrecy as the counsel he receives on the economy: which advisers have the most sway with the presumptive Democratic nominee, what ideas have the greatest currency, and what new policies Mr. Biden will ultimately embrace to address the racial inequities now animating protests nationwide...
Yet the details of the policymaking process are closely held. Mr. Biden is now seeking input from more than 100 left-leaning economists and other researchers, but there is little clarity on who has true influence...A three-page document, sent last month ahead of the committee’s first online meeting, warned participants not to circulate email from committee leaders or refer to “the candidate or to the campaign” in documents.

“You are not to disclose the names of others who are involved in the committee to nonmembers,” according to the memo, which has not previously been reported.
 Members were allowed to tell friends and colleagues that they are participating, it continued, but “you should not, however, disclose your participation on social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn or in your professional bio.”
A section about press inquiries began, “Simply put, do not talk to the press.”

There is a hint that the secrecy may be because the advisers are radical left economists.

The Times again:
Conversations with policy experts close to the Biden campaign suggest that Mr. Biden has thus far leaned on a core group of advisers who roughly match his own ideological standing within a Democratic Party that has steadily moved left since Barack Obama won the White House in 2008. Mr. Biden appears to have widened that group to include some of the young and sharply progressive thinkers who drove the policy debate leftward during much of the 2020 Democratic primary campaign.
To wit: Asked over email if he was advising Mr. Biden, Gabriel Zucman, one of the architects of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed tax on high-wealth Americans, referred a reporter to an email address for Mr. Biden’s press office. That address matched one that campaign officials sent to members of the newly formed economic policy committee, with instructions to give it to reporters in the event of questions about Mr. Biden.
I repeat these are very bad people. 

As for Warren holding off her endorsement of Biden that was politics 101, you don't give something unless you are promised something.

The NAPster writes:
I prefer Woods's law, i.e., that whomever you vote for, you get John McCain (still).
There is a lot of wisdom in Tom's law. I think Tom means don't trust the bastards, they are all bad when they get into office. But I don't think Tom means they will all be exactly the same. Trump is a bumbler, he will bumble in and out of bad things and back into bad things on a daily basis.

The people around Biden are not bumblers. They are very calculating and hate capitalism. I must point out again, the radical left is very strong when it comes to strategy and tactics. A Biden victory will mean they will be operating from the inside. The only chance under such a scenario to spped bump the central planning advance is a strong vice-president who does not align with them and can keep them somewhat in check.

With four more years of Trump, it would be all-out war by the Left, but it will be more street-level stuff of the type we are currently seeing, it wouldn't be pretty and Trump could make a real mess of it but this would be far less dangerous than a Biden-Warren administration where we would see central planning from day one across the economy and society--and it would be even worse if the Republicans lose control of the Senate.

It is a grave mistake to think there would be no difference between a second Trump administration and a Biden administration especially if Warren is the VP..



  1. Biden recently had his workshop with Sanders. The lefties all saw this as a sad attempt to put a Sanders seal of approval onto Biden's policies (like sticking a "certified organic" label onto McDonalds). By obfuscating his potential advisers, Biden's trying to fool the left into thinking he's going to do anything for them.

    Biden's campaign is just trying to give people a reason to show up to vote. He has the same basic issue as Hillary in 2016.

    "Warren holding off her endorsement of Biden that was politics 101" If Warren was a true believer in socialism, she would have endorsed Sanders because of his message, consequences be damned.

  2. Trump and Biden are different disasters for different people. People in California prefer tornados to earthquakes, and people in Kansas prefer the opposite.

  3. I don't understand why people keep going on about Warren.
    1) why don't we wait to see if she is the running mate first?
    2) who cares what crazy things he/she tries to put through? So long as the Senate is rep...none of it will become law.
    3) and why are you people freaking out about which lunatic runs Washington? They ALL suck (to varying extents). Or are any of you staggeringly naive enough to think ANY of them with any real power are not ridiculously useless - in both parties?
    4) why is almost no one (except Ron Paul) screaming about the deficit and the Fed? They are the major problems...not which loser becomes the next POTUS/VP.
    You people are focusing on the wrong things...which is EXACTLY what Washington/MSM wants you to do.
    You people are following the Washington playbook just like they want you to - ignore the deficit/Fed/foreign policy...concentrate on the election.

    1. I agree with everything you're saying. On point 4, I think the problem was that Trump exploded the deficits from the beginning of his presidency and the Republicans have shown little to no opposition publicly. The left claims this is "proof" that balancing the budget never meant anything to the Republicans, and that it's an issue that should be disregarded entirely.

    2. Thank you - and I agree with what you said as well. It's nice to find someone who feels as I do on this issue(s).

  4. Warren will not be the VP candidate unless all the Dems are as senile as JoeyB. The D's have a legit prospect of capturing the Senate, so why would they give up Mass. (Pocahontas would be replaced by a Republican by a GOP governor.) I doubt that even the Dems are that stupid...