Saturday, June 27, 2020

This Man for President

Does anyone know who he is?

 I'd like to check out his full record.




  2. Like a good work of music, he builds to an explosive climax and ends at exactly the right moment.

  3. John Ziegler is a faux-libertarian who had a show on KFI Los Angeles many years ago. At least back then in the decade after 9/11, from what I recall he had become a total neocon statist.

  4. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, nicely delivered! You would have thought a lot more people would have resisted like this a lot sooner than now. A really bad sign that America's appetite for liberty is non-existant.

    1. That is an astute observation. After decades and decades of Corporate Media brainwashing, the Elites feel the time is right for the next major move. Like the Sheeple they are, the majority will have no trouble falling in line for their masters and even looking with scorn on the few sane people who will try to resist. The price of Liberty was eternal vigilance. The people have failed to understand this, and now we are going to see the sole of a very ugly and now the tyranical boot come down on us.