Friday, June 19, 2020

Postmodernism: How and Why It Must Be Fought

The below clip is from a 2017 speech by Jordon Peterson.

It is extremely important in explaining what is going on right now in the country and why there is the unwillingness of the radical left to discuss and debate. And why you shouldn't give in. (12 minutes)



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  1. Great clip. Post-modernism carries the seeds of the West's destruction.

    BTW, here is a link to the "summer learning" (political indoctrination and wokesterism) that is supposed to keep my soon-to-be 10th-grader "sharp" over the summer...sent out to all the parents by the Social Studies teacher. It's nearly all pure bigotry---teach the whites and the males they're natural-born bigots, and teach everyone else that whites and males are bigots.
    If we weren't moving (from Dearborn, MI) to a happy, rural area further north in a month, I'd tell the teacher that assigned this to fuck-off.