Tuesday, June 23, 2020

People of Color Who Fear Racial Profiling Are Exempt From Mask Wearing in Lincoln County, Oregon

This comes right from the Lincoln County, Oregon website:

via LewRockwell.com
It should be noted that blacks appear to be more likely to be infected than whites.

Thus, based on wacko mask-wearing theory, it is more important for blacks to wear masks to protect themselves and "all of us." -RW


  1. Wish I had the bucks to fire off a lawsuit against this openly racist policy.

  2. The EX kept buggin' me to do a "23 and me" for "the children". I finally capitulated. While I waited for results, I kept hopin' and prayin' "Please give me some African blood, please!!". Naw pure YT. :(
    Oh, well...

    1. Has anybody asked the TV or their spokespeople in Government what Blood Drop Rule they're using for this race spectacle? Is it the One Drop Rule? How can they roll out a production like this and nobody ask them what criteria they're using for distinguishing the combatants?


    2. If it's the Elizabeth Warren Rule, I still got a shot!