Friday, June 26, 2020

Peggy Noonan on Attack Against Trump: Is It Justified?

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan has never been a Donald Trump supporter but she really sticks the knife in today:
Something shifted this month. Donald Trump’s hold on history loosened, and may be breaking. In some new way his limitations are being seen and acknowledged, and at a moment when people are worried about the continuance of their country and their own ability to continue within it. He hasn’t been equal to the multiple crises. Good news or bad, he rarely makes any situation better. And everyone kind of knows.

On Wednesday a Siena College/New York Times poll found Joe Biden ahead 50% to 36%. It’s a poll four months out, but it’s a respectable one and in line with others. (A week before, a Fox News poll had Mr. Biden leading 50% to 38%. The president denounced it as a fantasy.) This week’s poll had Mr. Biden leading among women by 22 points—a bigger lead than Hillary Clinton enjoyed in 2016. He has moderates by 33 points, independents by 21. On Thursday a separate Times/Siena poll had Mr. Trump losing support in the battleground states that put him over the top in 2016. His “once-commanding advantage among white voters has nearly vanished,” the Times wrote...

Two GOP House primary candidates the president supported lost their primaries resoundingly. Internet betting sites that long saw Mr. Trump as the front-runner now favor Mr. Biden. The president’s vaunted Tulsa, Okla., rally was a dud with low turnout. Senior officials continue to depart the administration—another economic adviser this week, the director of legislative affairs and the head of the domestic policy council before him. Why are they fleeing the ship in a crisis, in an election year?
And she may have a point.

Tump has always been shallow with no big picture guiding principles. He is now in way over his head with the current lefty promoted "crises."

Since in office, the only thing he has "accomplished" is providing fuel to the nutjob Marxist "only blacks matter" movement, a movement which consists mostly of useful idiot whites but this shouldn't come as a surprise.

I warned about Trump heading into the 2016 election and wrote within 24-hours of his election:
Heading into the election, I felt that for strategic reasons Hillary Clinton was the best alternative for libertarians. Not because she is good on many issues, she is not, but because she would come with a ready-made opposition that would listen to libertarian arguments against her.
It would have been a great opportunity to reach out to Trump supporters and spread the libertarian message. That opportunity is now gone with the Trump victory. Trump supporters are rabid, they will likely follow him down almost any hell hole.
These people are not going to listen to our arguments for smaller government. Their man is in power.
There will be opposition to Trump but it will be coming from the left, not the Trump right.
The left is all about expanding the state. Thus, it will be very difficult to reach out to these people and present state shrinking anti-Trump ideas. They are a perfect target for the socialists.
Indeed, the protest that occurred in New York City last night, where thousands turned out, was launched by a socialist group, the Socialist Alternative. The socialists are going to experience a boom in followers under Trump
You might say I nailed that one.

So what is ahead?

It is difficult to tell. Biden's mind is clearly shot. The best that can be said about him is that he hasn't started drooling, yet, when he appears on television.

The Big Question is: Who is running Joe?

If it is cronies out to make big bucks, I will be relieved.

If it is the socialists, it may be time to move.



  1. I guess we will know #WhoisRunningJoe when the VP candidate is announced. We can only hope the Eastern Elite have a handle on this. (A lot of corporate leftists were certainly relieved when (1) Goldwater named William Miller and (2) Reagan named Bush.)

  2. It's both. The big cronies are socialists, just a specialized kind. Who delivers the goods, services, and cash of socialism in the USA? Who does government hire to do the socialism? The cronies. The banks run the EBT cards for instance. Agribusiness from food stamps. Bushcare prescription drugs. The list goes on and on. Socialism is delivered through cronies who take a nice fat cut right off the top.

  3. Great piece. You did nail it, back in 2016. Trump isn't a Buchanan-lite or a Paleo-conservative. He's just Trump. An entertainer. That's all. No real new ideas. No intellectual foundation. No desire to give individuals liberty and freedom. Just a desire to make things in his image. No fiscal conservatism either. He's been arguably more disastrous then Obama. There is no point in cutting taxes if you are going to just increase spending! That means more debt and taxes down the road. And he wants negative interest rates! Cutting regulations and the courts have been two positives. Great. Stinks because there was real potential when he assumed office to actually end the government spending and right-size the federal government, as well as establish new priorities. Nothing was done.

  4. If Biden is elected, the person selected as Vice President will likely inherit the top job before long. It's horrifying to hear that he's considering Kamala Harris, a nasty piece of work if there ever was one.