Friday, June 12, 2020

Black Man Found Hanging From a Tree in Palmdale, California

Robert Fuller
This is terrible news on a personal level for those who knew Robert Fuller but it is also delicate news for a country that is extremely tense.

Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree at 4:30 AM Wednesday morning in Poncitl├ín Square in Palmdale, California.

Homicide detectives with the LASD Palmdale Station said that early indicators reveal that Fuller died by suicide and that "there are no signs of a struggle or that he was hung up."

LASD Homicide Bureau Lt. Brandon Dean added that there was no indication that Fuller attempted to remove the noose from his neck.

His death was ruled a suicide by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner.

City officials added this was not the first suicide that has occurred in Palmdale during the coronavirus panic.

"Many people are suffering extreme mental anguish and the City wants everyone to know that help is available,” said City Manager J.J. Murphy. “There are local resources such as Mental Health America of Los Angeles, AV Vet Center, and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.”

But many are not buying the initial police report.

And Bret Weinstein writes in a tweet:
Whether suicide or homicide, this hanging in Palmdale has the potential to push the United States past the point of no return, converting the tragedy of a young man's death into a tragedy for all Americans,..

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