Sunday, June 21, 2020

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: "We are trained Marxists"

Patrisse Cullors

 In follow-up tweets, David Reaboi explains what is going down with Cullors' answer:
Really important to understand what he’s asking and how she answers.

He wants to know, are you guys actually committed to the issues you discuss—or are you committed to total revolution?

She answers pretty clearly the latter. “Black Lives” are merely the issue of the moment.

It’s long been the key question for communists. If you’re just in this for higher wages, reform, etc., you’re no better than a trade unionist. You’re not committed to toppling the system, and you’re not to be trusted.

Her answer “we’re trained Marxists” is meant to reassure.


  1. There's an old wise saying that goes something to the effect, "better to be quiet and let folks assume you are stupid, than speak and remove all doubt."

    The corollary to that is this, as long as BLM leaders feel emboldened, they will continue to run their mouths. This will shed light on their idiocy and their momentum. Right now, even life long Republicans are bowing to them. Let the BLM leaders speak and you will say that recede back to the radical left as before.


  2. Wow, did Ms. Cullors choose that photo of herself? It's awful. There's no light in her eyes, only a kind of stupefied, unfocused anger. Which, I suppose, fits her character exactly. Another word for it would be "worthless".

  3. The far left has no constraining principles. Get out of their way. With nothing to push against they will run right off the cliff.

  4. Who is the guy interviewing her? Where can I find the complete interview?