Thursday, June 18, 2020

Attention White Workers

Karlyn Borysenko reports:
The city of Seattle is asking its white employees to voluntarily spend their day off in a training about their internalized racial superiority. I’ve got the documentation on it.

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Things are getting very crazy.

 As any good Austrian school economist knows that the world is too complex to make detailed forecasts about society.  A twist or turn here or there can change things but things do not look good right now.

We are without question in the early stages of a Mao-style cultural revolution which is not much different from how totalitarianism developed in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

We can see for ourselves how, already, most of the "good" people are too afraid to speak up now.

This is how it happens.



  1. Indoctrination. Delineating the boundaries of what is acceptable and what isn't. Providing the phrases to use and to avoid to stay out of trouble. A very bad development.

  2. Make no mistake, these kinds of seminars, and the flawed, illogical thinking that produces them and other similarly destructive activities, will proliferate - first by government officials and other like-minded people in liberal/Democratic circles who will then put pressure on others (corporations, colleges & universities, etc.) to conform. However, as a black man, I can't get over the utter imbecility of this white guilt/white privilege "crap." As a group, blacks lag behind in so many areas that matter when it comes to success and getting ahead in life (e.g. family formation, high school, secondary and trade school education, per capita income, per capita wealth, etc.) and we, as a group, lead in many areas that relegate said group to their undesirable position (e.g. out of wedlock births, rates of abortion, black on black homicide, black on white violent crime, high school drop out rates, rates of incarceration, etc.). And, by the way, the areas in which "we" lead or lag have nothing to do with white people. We, as a group, need to get our collective act together, start taking responsibility for our lot in life and work to change things by embracing the values we held during the pre-Civil Rights Act era, namely God, Family, Education & Hard Work. If enough of "us" sing that song, maybe we stand a fighting chance at drowning out the mindless drivel that is too often mistaken for deep intellectual thought and we can actually change things for the better...and we can stop begging "white folks" for their approval. (I have nothing against whites or any other group of people...I'm just trying to make a point)

    Thanks for letting me vent RW.

  3. My principle objection to this whole craze is the fact that today, the shallow thinkers see people only as members of groups rather than as individuals. When you do that, it's actually demeaning to group members, as what you're saying is that every member of the group is identical to and can be substituted for any other.

    Empirically, it is not the case that every white person is the same as every other white person, and nor is every black person the same as every other black person. And, unless there is a formal agency relationship, when one white person acts, other white people are not responsible for his acts, and the same is true for blacks.

    1. Isn't that what Martin King said ? Judging someone by the content of the character not the color of their skin ? That makes a so one should be judging a individual not color of skin white or black

  4. I have also read about this happening in the private sector. A gal I know posted that her husband works for a "huge corporation" and they gave everyone a Friday off recently for them to reflect and learn about systemic racism. My husband also works for a private company and they will be coming out with virtual training for all employees to complete. Its ridiculous!

  5. Great news for me, I don't identify as white. I identify as belonging to no race or a race that has one member: me. Therefore I am exempt from this training.