Thursday, June 4, 2020

An On the Ground Report From Minneapolis

Jay Stephenson emails:
I live in Minneapolis and wanted to write about what has occurred here
the past week but I have been too shocked to even express myself. I've
gathered from speaking to people that don't live here that there is a
misconception that some peaceful protests located downtown turned
violent. That is not what happened.

The violence was everywhere.

I do not live near downtown Minneapolis, but in a residential
neighborhood. Many stores and facilities blocks away from me were
either physically destroyed or burnt to the ground. I have heard
multiple stories from neighbors about rioters coming on my street to
cause trouble and being chased away with guns. Bomb threats to
hospitals and nursing homes with suspicious items found on the
property were rampant. If you drive around the city all you see is
buildings burnt down to the ground and mass destruction everywhere.
Every single person I've spoken with that lives in Minneapolis has a

What I find most creepy and bizarre is that Republican statists like
George W. Bush and James Mattis are in full denial of the violence
and praising the protesters along with the media, public
intellectuals, and celebrities. Mattis blatantly lied by calling them
"a few lawbreakers." I'm no fan of Trump or a militarized police
force, but there is an unseen sinister agenda behind this destruction.
The elites clearly want this chaos. Why?


  1. As a resident of the uptown area I have to agree with what was written above.

    I'm on the southern edge of that part of town. For me that translates to 6 blocks south of Lake Street, which was smashed (and in numerous cases burned) up and down from Hennepin Ave. on the West all the way past Hiawatha on the East.

    A doubt if a few bad apples did all that, and it certainly was not some spontaneous "anyone for rioting?" type situation. As early as yesterday the MPD was still fielding reports of cars from which license plates had been pulled (most likely stolen and then used for riot transport) as well as abandoned or planted tools for arson turning up in bushes and alleyways.

    I was sickened to see a gas station burned to the ground just six blocks due north of me. An apartment with at least six units (thankfully only partially damaged) runs parallel to it at a distance of only about 4 feet apart. A long row of apartments is directly across the street.

    Even in darkness whoever set that fire could not possibly have failed to notice that and - as much as I hate to say it - it wouldn't surprise me if they were hoping for a large explosion. Anyone watching live while the 3rd precinct burned undoubtedly heard repeated reports that the gas lines had potentially been tampered with, or at least an attempt had been made. Just goes to show what those people seem to have thought about collateral damage.

  2. The crash and totalitarian state has to be engineered beyond hope of reconciliation

  3. I’m in St. Paul. Last Thursday we had them burning and looting a lot of businesses just a few blocks from my apartment building. My neighborhood was smoked out, constant helicopters overhead, non-stop sirens and explosions from fireworks, burning buildings and less-than-lethal deterrents from the police.
    We got exceptionally lucky that spot fires didn’t start in residential areas of the city as we were experiencing high winds that evening.
    I spent most evenings/nights outside, armed, with neighbors as a deterrent to potential arsonists for the past week.
    Our local mayors and governor have tried to blame this on opportunists from out of state and then on white supremacists, all while being incapable of condemning the violence their constituents were committing. It is truly embarrassing.
    It is sad to see what your neighbors are capable of when whipped into a frenzy by the media and politicians.
    Now the Mpls city council wants to abolish their police force and replace it with an “unarmed security force”. I look forward to the leftists learning that an armed society is a polite society.
    I’m ready to move out of this shit hole.