Monday, May 4, 2020

The Lockdown is Creating New Heroes of Liberty

The Dorr brothers are very important to the liberty movement. See: The Dorr Brothers of Liberty Organize Protests of The Lockdowns and Send the Left Into a Tizzy.

And now a former Marine, Cordie Lee Williams, emerges as a powerful and eloquent spokesman for liberty.

Check this out:



(ht Tom DiLorenzo)


  1. That was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes to hear him speak truth to power in such a calm and deliberate fashion. I'm certain it had an impact on at least some of the enforcers.

  2. Made my day... Semper Fi

  3. Nice story but the real heroes during this hysteria are the people who quietly continue operating their business and employing those who wished to work. There are many in my community including restaurants, retail shops, coffee shops, small manufacturers, distributors and even a local chiropractor (no masks required). None of them have bullhorns or stand at the steps of the capital building pleading for their freedom. They just live it! More of these unsung heroes will relieve us from this hysteria.