Sunday, May 10, 2020

Notice the New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd's Slick Switcheroo

Well, I am going to expose this to some Count Orlok killing sun.

In a New York Times anti-Trump column, Live and Let Die, Trump-Style, the super-fan of blood-sucking vampires (she says so in the column), Maureen Dowd writes:
Now the monstrous [COVID] virus has invaded the Oval Office. Both the president’s valet and a Pence staffer, Katie Miller, the wife of the racist Stephen Miller, who looks like he hasn’t seen daylight in decades, have succumbed. Yet just a few days ago Axios reported that the president and some top aides were questioning the high death toll.
Slick. Questioning death tolls does not in any way suggests that there is a belief that the virus isn't prevalent in the population though Dowd would have you believe that this is the case.

What a blood-sucking move.



  1. Katie Miller (
    ), seen here chitchatting with members of the press yesterday(!), tested positive today for COVID.

    Oh. She's the one without the mask. Right there on the right

  2. It is amazing how contagiousness has been conflated with lethality in the political realm, without anyone really caring about the difference.

  3. More on Vitamin D and dark skinned people. The SJWs and media are now blaming minority deaths on RACISM. They are no more likely to mention Vitamin D than they are to mention Obama's overthrow of the elected Ukraine government. And we have those mean and stupid Swedes with their limited lockdown causing so many deaths. Right:

    Among the first 15 deaths due to covid-19 in Stockholm County, six were reported, by the Swedish- Somali medical society, to be of Somali origin (March 24). Considering that only 0.84% of the Stockholm County population was born in Somalia (n=8,178 by December 2019) this is an astonishing high rate.

    A risk factor that we want to highlight, however, is the low vitamin D levels found in the Swedish- Somali population. Vitamin D status is strongly related to low sun exposure and dark skin. In two different studies, the great majority of Swedish women of Somali origin had very low levels of S- 25(OH)-D?(<?25?nmol/l).[3,4] In Finland, Somali women required more than twice the amount of vitamin D in order to maintain recommended vitamin D status. [5] In addition, vitamin D deficiency was twice as common, regardless of gender, in immigrants from Africa compared with those from the Middle East. [6] There is evidence that vitamin D is involved in our defence against respiratory tract infections. According to a meta-analysis, vitamin D supplementation (daily-weekly dosage) prevents acute respiratory tract infections

  4. Isn't Maureen the journo who couldn't handle her marijuana? How does she still have a career as a writer after that?