Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Snitch in Los Angeles Reports Catholic Priest Planning to Hold Night Mass Outside

These micro-power freaks will stop at nothing if it will allow them to be part of the boot that slams down on people minding their own business.

Martin Hill reports:
Bob, my wife & I took about 4 months off after Christmas for some R&R & a few leisure trips. Our plan was to go back  to work after Easter , & we stuck to our plan.

Our first trip last week was from L.A. to Minnesota & back.  Despite all the horror stories I'd seen by trucker commenters online about  rest areas closed, lack of soap & toilet papers in bathrooms,  limited options of food etc, all the truckers I asked in person who had been on the road had had no such problems.

Our first trip to Minnesota last week & back to CA (2 days each way) was very pleasant.  The weather is great, most all of the weigh stations are closed,  fuel is cheap ($~2.50 per gallon for desiel , $1.36 for cars) All the restaurants are open for takeout. The Wal-Mart's are open. The most pleasant thing is that in other states, not many people wear masks. It just seems much more normal than LA.

  I was very happy to see that the folks in southern California enjoyed Newport beach last weekend (which Newsom griped about). I wish I could've joined them. 

We got another load out today from CA to MD. Rates are down in trucking & a friend of mine who has been an owner-operator for  30 years went home because the rates are too low, not acceptable to him.

The rate for our load worked out to 95 cents per mile after fuel & expenses  (each.)

So I drive 600 miles per shift at .95 cents,  that's  $570 per shift for me, & $570 for the second shift for my  wife for her 10-hour shift. In 2 days we will be to MD.

It's essentially a road trip,  it's nice to get out for a change during all this. Unfortunately, I think our country's done, it will be interesting to see how things develop.

On another note, as you know I'm Catholic.  There are Catholic churches in San Diego archdiocese that the Bishop has allowed to remain open for prayers & confession,  (no public Mass.)

Sunday morning a Catholic woman friend  I know texted me that a priest in Los Angeles archdiocese at a specific church nearby was offering the faithful Eucharistic Adoration outside in the parking lot (in the monstrance ) & the priest was even giving Holy Communion to the people outside after Mass. People were so happy & word got out, but some maniac actually snitched on him, & the priest was stopped from doing it for the night Mass.  Sad & absurd.

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