Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It is Really Getting Close to the Time to Leave the United States

Edward Snowden has commented that for the United States to go totalitarian would require only the switch on of what is a turnkey surveillance state operation that is in place.

The COVID-19 related authoritarianism is a clear indication of how oppressive the federal government, state governments, local governments and local busybodies are willing to get.

We have seen how the social media giants are willing to take part in censorship.

It is getting very, very bad.

William Binney in the clip below explains the frightening surveillance capabilities of the United States government.

It would be very difficult to launch first amendment protests against the US government if they did not want them.

It is getting very close to the time where it may make sense to leave the country unless the old Soviet Union is your idea of paradise.



(ht LRC)


  1. And this video was 5 years ago. Today, Pat and other false prophet/teacher shills like Kenneth Copeland and Joel Olsteen, are smoozing and scaring their followers to look for the vaccine to cure everyone. FEMA knows how to work the pastors, and pastors don’t want to risk losing their beloved 501-c3 status. https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1530639598372-a4f17ad2360c6a496e962e96337ce3d8/FEMA_Tip_Sheet_Engaging_(Christian)_Protestant_Leaders.pdf

  2. Amen to your comment, Joshua. Copeland now even encourages fellowship with the Catholic church.
    I expect the apostate churches will be used as vaccination centers, just as they are already used for voting centers.

    "Come all ye faithful, let us worship the beast together, for Who is able to make war with the beast? Who is like unto him? Let us make America great as the beast is great! Let us agree together to boycott anyone who doesn't worship the beast, for they are enemies of the state; tin foil hat conspiracy theorists that deserve to starve."

  3. Man, the intelligent people in this country would be delighted if people like you left. I'm sure you'd love it in Russia or China where things are so much freer than here.