Thursday, April 30, 2020

BREAKING: Michigan Protesters, Including Multiple Armed Gunmen, Storm Michigan’s State House

As far as I can tell, the citizens of Michigan are the most aggressive in terms of protesting the lockdown.

I want these people on my side in the future when even more serious oppression will be attempted.


  1. Hah this loser. If these people were storming the capitol for free birth control pills, he'd be in tears romancing their bravery! But oh scary freedom seekers want freedom.... orange man bad!

  2. I love the memory of the heroic (in this instance) Black Panthers parking themselves on the steps of the California statehouse with LOTS of guns. To make a point. I wonder if them good ol' boys (who are equally heroic) know about them black fellas back in the '60's.

  3. My bumper sticker reads "Thank a businessman for his service." I custom-ordered it a few years ago. Seems very fitting in these times, especially with all the narcissistic nurses and health-care workers patting themselves on the back, grandstanding in their superhero costumes and expecting medals.

  4. There would have been a much bigger turnout if Google, Facebook, etc were not actively censoring these kinds of events