Friday, March 6, 2020

They Got Her: DNC Changes Rules So Tulsi Gabbard Can't Participate in Next Debate

Tulsi Gabbard
The Democratic National Committee has just announced new qualifying standards for the upcoming Phoenix, Arizona debate.

The new qualifying standard is that Democratic candidates earn at least 20 percent of the delegates awarded as of March 15.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden are the only candidates who have qualified for the debate, which will be hosted by CNN and Univision.

The DNC changed the rules from the previous debate which had previously qualified any candidate earning any number of delegates.

Gabbard has two of the 1,385 delegates awarded.



  1. Payback for criticizing Schultz and DNC and then leaving DNC so she could support Sanders in 2016.

  2. The War Party, DNC Division, wants no part of Tulsi on the national stage this late in the race.

  3. Why wouldn't this be expected? If a person is a serious candidate, they need to have enough money to buy TV ads on over-the-air stations which cannot edit or refuse them and play them during their local newscast. The ads would accuse the station and the individual newscasters of the worst kind of journalistic fraud and bias.

    Hey, Channel 4, why no mention of the Ukro-Nazis? Why no mention of Obama's (and now Trump's) support for Al Qaeda in Syria?

  4. Can't have Tulsi up there making people think hard about the endless war machine favored by both Democrats and Republicans.