Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Dangerous Lesson Governments Are Learning From the COVID-19 Panic

The yellow jackets of France
Putting aside for a moment the question of how COVID-19 came upon the scene, you can rest assured that governments around the world are learning one thing, that disease panic is a very good way to quiet the masses.

Before the virus panic broke out, Hong Kong, France  (the yellow jackets) and Iran all had unruly masses on the streets for months protesting their respective governments. Top government officials were at wits’end on dealing with the protesters, that has now changed.

Those protests, at least for the period of the current panic, are gone as all these countries are in various states of lockdown.

Lockdowns didn't work when it was just against the protesters but mix a virus into the cocktail and the protesters become good little boys.



  1. The virus was likely invented for just this purpose.

  2. This is nothing. The virus directly encourages tremendous threats to the liberties of people - forced vaccinations, forced kidnappings and/or confinement, pervasive continuous tracking, cashless transactions (with permanent records), etc.